about the photographer

Meet Ash

Born and raised on the bayside coast of Melbourne, Ashlee fell in love with the ocean from an early age. After finishing her studies in resort management and majoring in scuba diving, Ashlee started her scuba career in Port Douglas, the mecca of resorts, tourism, and The Great Barrier Reef. A few years later, Ash relocated to the luxurious Orpheus Island Lodge where she became a skipper, exploring the reef surrounding the island group.

After a year of driving and diving, Ashlee headed to the Bahamas for a dive instructor role. Crystal clear water, an abundance of marine wildlife including sharks and turtles, Ashlee fell in love with underwater photography. After being offered a position on a superyacht, she purchased her own camera- A Sony A5100 and a fisheye lens in a Nauticam underwater housing. Working aboard the superyacht allowed Ashlee to travel and refine her skills in the waters of the Caribbean, the US Virgin Islands, and The British Virgin Islands as well as the islands of the Bahamas. 

Finishing the yachting season, Ashlee was then offered her first professional underwater photography & videography role at Lizard Island Resort, a luxury island in the Northern end of the Great Barrier Reef. After her time on Lizard, Ash went back to Orpheus Island Lodge to continue Diving and driving around the fringing and outer reefs, where she continued to grow and improve on her photography. Focusing on split shot photography, Ash spent most of her spare time in the clear shallow waters off the beach capturing baby reef sharks at sunset. After a few months, Ash decided to upgrade her camera system and purchased a Sony A7rii, 16-35mm G-master lens and a Nautical underwater housing, helping her continue to learn and improve her skills as an underwater photographer.  Ash and her FiancĂ© made the decision to take a few months off work and travel around the coast of Australia, exploring different islands such as Fraser Island, Heron Island and North Stradbroke Island,  and scuba diving the best locations along the way. Ash Completed a week-long photography internship onboard Naturaliste Charters in Bremer Bay, Capturing photos of Orcas (Killer Whales) which she wishes to return to complete again in 2021. Now based on the west coast, Ash now works as a professional underwater photographer in Coral Bay, a small coastal town abundant with marine life. Ashlee’s main niche is to photograph a foreground with underwater wildlife, capturing sharks, stingrays or turtles and pairing them with the incredible sunsets and shallow corals that Coral Bay has to offer. Ash loves to capture light rays amongst coral, featuring subjects such as turtles. One of her favourite things to do is to sit in the crystal clear waters of the sand flats and capture the amazing wildlife that may be present, from turtles to sharks or Manta Rays.